Cold Weather Ahead (and Halloween!)

Even sunny Portugal has its share of cold rainy days and we've begun our descent into them in the Coimbra area. I'm not a fan of cold or wet weather, but I do love Portugal so I put up with the clothes that never dry and the mold growing on furniture and the necessity to bundle up. 

Just a week ago it was warm and dry and we were celebrating Halloween. We'd been told multiple different tales as to what would happen for Halloween here in Portugal. Some people said trick-or-treaters come to your door, singing, but not in costume. One person said to expect them early the morning after Halloween (!!) another promised me that the kids would only come to our door Halloween night. We were told that if we didn't come to the door, the kids would sing a traditional song expressing their anger at not getting candy. Unfortunately we didn't get to experience any of this because no one came to our door, but we did dress up in some quickly cobbled-together costumes and go out for drinks with friends at the spookily-decorated bar around the corner. 

It was a fun night, although we learned that many college students had celebrated a day early. Apparently Thursday night among university students is like the Friday night of America because many of them take the train home Friday after class to spend the weekend with their families. I remember doing this for maybe the first month I was going to college, but after that partying on Friday night in the city tended to win out over Mom's home cooking and getting laundry done.

There is yet another bright spot on my horizon (not the sun) and it's that I have my first guests from back home flying in to visit tomorrow! My sister and her husband have never been to Portugal before and we are so excited to see them, show them around, and feed them Portuguese noms.  They were the last people we saw before we boarded the plane that took us here and 7 months later I'm so glad they've been able to make it out to see our new home. 

So I'll be taking the train down to Lisbon tomorrow to meet them at the airport. I'm glad they've finally extended the Red Line all the way to the airport so you can get there via the metro station at Oriente. This will be my first time at Oriente so I hope I'll have a chance to photograph it and avail myself of whatever pastries might be contained in its nearby cafes.