Portuguese Breakfast and Images of Home

I've been working on some images I took recently of typical Portuguese breakfasts. The images are in a cafe, with the morning light pouring in, and feature both the food by itself and close ups of a woman's hands in the process of cutting, breaking, spreading and stirring. I picked up all the baked goods before the shoot at various pastelarías around the center of Coimbra. 

A license to use this image can be purchased here.

A license to use this image can be purchased here.

Breakfast is usually the smallest meal of the day here, usually involving a pastry, roll, or bread and one of the various types of coffee or tea. The coffee in the image is called a galão in the Coimbra area, which is similar to a latte, but usually served without the foam. 

While going through some of my images I found a few of White Sands National Monument from back home in New Mexico. White Sands is my husband's favorite place in the world and I love going there, especially in the winter when it was so cold in Albuquerque. White Sands is in Alamogordo, about 3 1/2 hours south, and definitely worth the beautiful drive. One of the most fun things to do, especially if you have kids, is to bring a sled or saucer to sled down the sandy dunes like they're snow covered hills.

The yucca is the official state plant of New Mexico and is most plentiful in the southern regions. You know you're getting closer to White Sands when you start seeing more and more of them on the side of the road. 

One of the best times to visit White Sands, albeit usually the most crowded, is the night of the full moon. As long as the skies are clear, all of the park is illuminated by the moon and the white sand dunes glow. There's even a campsite somewhere that you can backpack about a mile out to and stay the night, though I've never been personally, but have many friends who can highly recommend it. Entrance to the monument is $3 per person. 

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