I'm Lauren King, a photographer, food stylist, blogger, traveler, and consumer of mouthwatering, weird, and amazing gastronomical delights worldwide. 

Nom Voyage is a journey through fantastic lands in search of new tastes, culinary adventures, exciting events and locales, and nature's silent beauty. After spending a decade out west exploring breathtakingly amazing places and drowning myself in green chile, I've moved to beautiful historic Portugal to discover, photograph, and eat my way through as many of the multitude of delicacies here as possible.

Work With Me

Need gorgeous images of your food, products, business, employees, family, or a local event? 

How about a food stylist for an upcoming shoot?

Do you have old damaged images from the past that you'd like retouched and brought back to life? 

I'd be happy to work with you whatever your photographic needs may be. Whether it's modern commercial product photos, your restaurant's dishes in a natural setting, or images of a local festival or event, I'm here to make it happen. I am local to Coimbra, Portugal, but am more than happy to travel to your location. 

Are you part of a feral cat rescue or an animal shelter working to find homes for cats and dogs in central Portugal? I would be honored to donate my photographic services to help your organization. 

All images on this site have been styled, shot and edited by me and I hold their exclusive copyrights. Should you wish to use or post any of these images, please contact me or obtain a license prior to doing so here. Thank you!